The First Night in Hamamatsu   Leave a comment

Jet lag is causing me to feel weird. I only have a few hours or so to get ready before I start my training, and I can’t sit in the hotel. My room is the size of a breadbox, and my suitcases must remain in the corridor; they can’t fit anywhere else. My bathroom is also tiny, and a touch of claustrophobia hits me. I decide to go out into the night, and take some pictures.

I’m not sure how to describe the feeling of being here. It is definitely new, chilly and interesting. The delicate architecture of the buildings, the cobblestone on the sidewalk, the roar of trains nearby. This is Japan. I don’t walk too far, for fear of getting lost. In the distance I can see powerlines silhouettted against the nighttime sky. Small cars drive to and fro, but I never hear a horn. Vending machines and bins are in Japanese. A trickle of excitement goes through me. Who will I meet here? What will happen. The intrigue is interesting, but I am still quite tired. I go back to my hotel to get some well deserved rest.

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