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There are moments I call “fuzzy”, when the world seems a little blank, I feel very far away from everything and the pace of life becomes a blur. This weekend was sort of like that. From place to place I roamed, not sure what was up or down, or where I was headed. In the process, I lost my ATM card and a pair of nice headphones. Monday morning, as I shuffled off to my work commute, I didn’t feel upset. The haze from the weekend was still hanging around like an annoying associate. The clarity that comes with waking up on a Monday morning simply wasn’t there. Later, I decided to check around. First I went to my bank. Sure enough, after grabbing a few thousand yen on Friday night, I had left my bank card there. But I was surprised that I hadn’t realized I left it there all weekend. This more than anything, proved my fuzziness. Then, at some point, on Saturday night or Sunday, my headphones disappeared. I theorized that they had fell on the carpet in the video arcade, possibly gleefully snatched up by a young teen just dying for a pair of black nondescript headphones with a little earwax in them for good measure. But I said, This is Japan.

I went to the arcade in the evening, two or so days after I left it. When I spoke to the attendant, he said they had some earphones. I saw him pull them out of a drawer. I sighed in relief. They were elegantly wrapped, and seemed more pristine than when I left them. I signed a paper and was soon happily listening to 90’s hip-hop. This is something that’s worth noting about Japan. Sometimes it’s a stream of chaos, a smattering of images and voices you can’t fully understand. But sometimes, when you lose a few important items and get them back. You can still smile. You can still hope.

Posted December 1, 2009 by marcusbird in Personal Thoughts

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