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Trump Room is a place I’ve heard about mostly from the fashionista crowd here in Tokyo. Supposedly in Ebisu, it brought to mind images of the grand; plush white couches, opulent love seats attached to over hanging chains, marble-top bars and a bevy of beautiful women rocking the latest Dior one piece. I had the opportunity to pass through with some colleagues that live in my building. It’s actually near club Camelot, (that den of noise I visit every now and then) and it wasn’t what I expected. The theme of everything was a tacky looking gold motif. Gaudy couches, a cramped atmosphere and the gold paint seemed a bit weird, but interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a club with a moose head near the dance floor. My company are a group of French girls and my roommate Marty. They greet me with glassy eyes, and slight smiles. The crowd is a mixture of Japanese and foreign, and I say hello to a smile Japanese woman who beams a brilliant smile at me.

A blonde wig is being passed around and at some point I wear it while dancing awkwardly to Salsa as a Japanese girl does a manic Samba with me. Another roommate of mine, a German who who looks very Italian, is getting rowdy with a few of his friends. They come in a rush of noise and energy, and within minutes, are all shirtless. At some point he grabs me, trying to get my shirt off, but I decline politely.

I chit-chatted to a cute girl named Celine (another French chica) and left in at about 5 a.m. and made a brief pit stop at McDonald’s in Shibuya. Spot was okay, maybe next time.

The music playing was a sort of hybrid jazz pop fusion, which was okay. A few German guys got rowdy and started dancing shirtless, beckoning me to do the same. After a guy with heavily dilated pupils asked me for “uppers” I felt it was time to leave. Decent spot, I might go back another time.

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