Hibiya Park NGO Fest   1 comment

A friend of mine was visiting town and she told me to check out this NGO festival. Took some cool pics, drank Palestinian beer and ate Indian curry. Also saw a lot of the passionate people behind these organizations, a weird change from the generally stoic populace i’ve become accustomed to.

Got me a cute little yellow birdie from a Phillipines outreach group that my friend works for.

Plaid bears are excellent marketing campaign tools.

My friend shopping for some sort of shoe strap ankle accessory.

My birdie up close and a very cute attendee.

Not sure if Dung-based paper will be a trend that catches on.

One response to “Hibiya Park NGO Fest

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  1. I’ve had the Palestinian beer. It’s a regular intifada against good tasting beer. Tastes like they brewed it inside a kassam rocket.

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