Pause Talk Volume 45!   4 comments

Pause Talk is a monthly meeting where Tokyo Creatives meetup and chat about whatever comes to mind. Moderated by founder Jean Snow, the conversation this time went from Tokyo Design week to the complicity of Japanese government in human trafficking. Photos courtesy of Michael Holmes.

A few very interesting people were there including a Radio personality,an  illustrator, a few graphic designers, a tech blogger, the CEO of a game company and a young lady who does voice over work. Truly an eclectic crowd.

Michael Holmes. normally does a series of excellent portraits of those who attend. Check out a few below.

This is me chatting with the head of an NGO about ways to get Japan to change its policies against foreigners. Meaning, its really me chatting to the head of an NGO about something that will never happen. But fun!

I like the space. The first time I went it was more crowded. But they have decent 500yen beers and cool people to collect cards from.

These two people are quite interesting. On the left is a tech-savvy young man who hails from my home country of Jamaica trying to do really big things here in Japan, and the lady on the right is a charming writer for the Japan times. Who says creative people aren’t buckets of fun?  : p 

Pause Talk was pretty sweet. I’m looking forward to attending and hopefully presenting at Pecha Kucha 20×20, another event I found out about through Jean Snow.

4 responses to “Pause Talk Volume 45!

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  1. I’m jealous!! Looks like a good time!

  2. It wasn’t bad. Makes me start to feel like a real “creative type” : p

  3. Nothing like finding people you can share your interests with and learn from others. Great!

  4. Looks like something really cool to go too man, good stuff!

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