JIJA: PACE TV Interview VIDEO Preview   2 comments

This is a short clip of the interview coming soon. Thanks to Najma Nuriddin of Nsorama films for excellent camera work on this one!



2 responses to “JIJA: PACE TV Interview VIDEO Preview

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  1. Ah, here we go!

    My Yute, Well Done!! That’s very inspiring, and REAL.
    One of your purposes in this world is to inspire; don’t ever forget that.
    Hopefully, one day, I’ll make it into that interview chair as well, the interviewer is quite good

  2. Thanks man, I’m quite interested to see like… what can come from in in terms of just people seeing my story, and what not, and see how they chop it up whenever it airs. This is why I keep telling people about trying to build a personal brand because if you have something to talk about, then people can interview you about a range of things eh? u zee…

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