Sniff Sniff party and Lost in Transportation   5 comments

Check it out..

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  1. I’m just glad that SNIFF SNIFF wasn’t a reference to Nose Candy Tomodachi, lol.
    Decent vide still, feelin the storylinesque aspect of the series, BOOM, BANG, DISCONNEC…..light gone..?…

  2. *cough* *ahem* in reference to the name, I can’t really *cough* say what its in reference to. But yeah, decent vibes

  3. This video mad. JPS reach Japan! Technically thats true since a Japanese company now owns them.

    What lens did you use to shoot this? Quality in the club and depth of field is crazy. Nice shots. When I read “Lost in Transportation” for some reason my mind was hued with Lost in Translation and it sorta has this feeling in the end. Deliberate?

  4. I wouldn’t say it was deliberate, but I decently liked the vibe of the video. I was just doing some shots earlier, then as I was editing I dropped in a house mix I made and then just got the feel for the episode.

  5. Haha, who’s that obnoxious kid at the beginning repping J and J? xD

    Anyway I wanted to ask where that futsal ground in Tokyo is at? The one you posted a video of earlier; how does one get there?

    And that dumb kid was me btw haha, my friend just FB’d the vid to me

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