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As you all know the recent disaster that struck Japan has gotten the world into a frenzy, and rightly so. Though I must admit things in Tokyo here feel normal. I mean PAINFULLY normal, in light of a possible nuclear threat and another quake, at the * intense * behest of my family, I am leaving Japan on Tuesday. At this stage I am not sure if I am coming back, or what my future with Japan is. My mood is quite circumspect; I mean… I’ve developed a little routine and life here and so on and in less than a day I had to decide to leave the country. I am not sure how I feel or what else to write, but I posted this little update video this morning just to keep people in the loop.

A pic of live TV just before the second major quake hit.

Live footage of the tsunami doing major damage in Ibaraki.

Tokyo Earthquake   Leave a comment

Quick vid of the earthquake.