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Tokyo Snow day!   1 comment

It snowed recently here in sunny old Tokyo. It was my first time seeing snow in Japan, so I took a few pictures and idled around, particularly when I decided to eat some ice cream while it was snowing : p

美しい東京 (Beautiful Tokyo)   Leave a comment

These are some great shots I got at a recent party I attended. Guess I really am in Tokyo!

This is my favourite. Feels like “Lost in Translation” or something i’d see on a CNN website.

A visit to a Tokyo Temple   Leave a comment

The Meiji shrine is right beside Yoyogi park. Today was a very bright, calm day and I felt like talking a walk in nature. I didn’t realize that right in Tokyo was such a beautiful, serene place. I’ve attached a few photos.

Akiko Moriyako Photoshoot   1 comment

Akiko Moriyako is a Japanese musician who plays reggae and Jazz-inspired music. I met her last year when I was on the Maxi Priest Billboard Live tour, and maintain a good relationship with her. She came to Tokyo to do a photo shoot for her album release later this year, and invited me to take a few snap shots of my own. These are a few of the photos.


A series I’m working on called “I AM, WE ARE”. This was shot in Shibuya, but it will be a series set across several countries.

Tilt Shift Photography   Leave a comment

Tilt-shift photography is a cool technique that makes real life
pictures appear as miniatures. This is a tilt shift picture of mine
taken somewhere in downtown Cairo.


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