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Jamrock Tokyo   Leave a comment

Passed through Jamrock for some Jamaican food this Sunday. Nice spot in Harajuku. Real Jamaican food in Tokyo!

Jerk Chicken Fried Rice. Asia meets Jamaican indeed.

Gundam Cafe! グンダムカフィ!   1 comment

Today I had the chance to go with a friend to the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara. It was pretty sweet. Jamaican in Japan episode coming soon!

今日、友達とっしょに秋葉原で、グンダムカフェ行きました。Jamaican in Japan のビデオをすぐつくるね!

I didn’t watch a lot of Gundam back in the day, but my favourite is Gundam Century.


The place was pretty cool, they even had a Gundam Toilet! Mad!