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ロバートワ-タルの芸術展示会 Robert Waters “Man Exhibition”   Leave a comment

I’m trying to write more Japanese on the blogs to both practice and tell my Japanese peeps what i’m up to (I am in Japan after all ). I will still from time to time write my “article-style” nightlife reviews, along with these tidbits about little places I visit and people I hang with.

Today I chilled in Nakameguro, where I was checking out Robert Waters 2010 exhibit, entitled “Man”. There I met some interesting people and snapped pictures and shot video for a Tokyo Art Beat review.

今日は、中目黒で、ミズマ、ガラリえいきました。東京アートビート のリヴィエーかいたから。”Man”のなまえです。そこで、おもしろいの人合いました。絵をとてた、ビーデオをしました

His style is interesting, and relates to the nature of humanity, with hidden positive messages in his art. I’ll be doing a comprehensive review for Tokyo Art Beat in the upcoming days.