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Welcome to Japan. Ohayo, Marcus.   Leave a comment

I’m at Nagoya Airport where my flight landed. My head is spinning and I feel a little off. I’ve been lugging myself across the world on an insane route to the far East. I traveled from:

Jamaican–> Miami –> L.A –> Beijing –> Nagoya.  Total travel time, 22 hours. I’ve slept a little, but I’m still not there yet. With my two huge suitcases, a guitar and a massive backpack, I must find the Shinkansen train and get to Hamamatsu. I nibble on a snack I brought from Jamaican, some bun and cheese. It is fitting that the first thing I eat in Japan is something Jamaican, because it might be a while before I eat anything like it again. The Nagoya airport is pretty interesting. I snap a few pictures and get approached by a man soon. He is dressed in a nice suit, and approaches me speaking perfect English. “Hello!” he says. “What brings you to Nagoya?”

Within moments, I realized he was a police officer, and then I explained to him I was a teacher traveling to Hamamatsu to teach. He nodded as I said this, took a quick look at my passport and then walked away. Everything around me feels alien. I recognize no Japanese, cannot read any of the chinese characters on anything and notice something else. It smells different. What sort of smell? I’m not sure, it just is. The place is very clean, and I notice the lack of anyone other than Japanese people anywhere. I’m really here, I think. I snap a picture of myself to capture the moment. The moment when I am innocent to the culture, to the language and wide-eyed and bushy tailed. It’s chilly, and outside, the unfamiliar landscape of Japan looms in the distance. The journey has begun.