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Greetings everyone, as you know Marcus Bird: Jamaican in Japan is a lifestyle video series I created after I took the  long journey to Japan to discover what the far East had to offer.

Since that time, I’ve personally done Marcus Bird:Jamaican in Japan style videos and blog reports with organizations and events such as Billboard Live Japan, Tokyo Blue Note, Bar 57, Tokyo Summer Sonic, Cotton Club Tokyo, Fiat Café, Yoyogi One Love Festival and many others.

The series is expanding its horizons by engaging in active partnerships with companies seeking new and exciting media ventures to embark on.  My  University degree is in Film Production from Howard University, and i’ve worked with companies based in Los Angelles ,Trinidad, New York and ofccourse Japan. I”ve also done a bit of writing, namely for the Jamaica Observer, Comedy Central New York, Tokyo Artbeat, and one of my short stories “Gaijin Girl” has been published in the 2010 edition of Japanese literary journal Yomimono. I’m seeking assistance in developing this brand and ultimately exposing more people to the exciting and interesting perspective of life in the Far East, from a Jamaican perspective. Marcus Bird: Jamaican in Japan wants you!

For enquiries, partnerships or anything else, please contact Marcus at MARCUSTUBE [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM

Posted August 12, 2010 by marcusbird

3 responses to “JIJ Wants you!

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  1. call me 561-853-6553

  2. are u still in Japan?

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