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Korean 48 Hr Short film Project   Leave a comment

I had the chance a few months ago to work with my friend James on a 48 hour short film project in Korea. This is what we ended up shooting! I had to head back to Tokyo right after shooting, and it turns out the film wasn’t submitted as a final entry, but here is what weeventually cooked up!

I meet an inspired fan   Leave a comment

After I did my  Smile Jamaica interview about a month ago, I was both flattered and humbled by the e-mails and calls I received from people all over the country. One guy in particular, e-mailed me from Canada to tell me he appreciated the work I was doing putting Jamaica on the map. I had no idea he was in Jamaica on a brief visit, and I ran into him recently at a party in Kingston. I am glad I am inspiring people and will try to keep it going!

Japanese Video Study Blog 1   Leave a comment

I’ve started a brief series of video blogs that will explain some of the technical points behind studying Japanese and the systems i’ve used thus far. This isn’t me really talking about “how to speak Japanese” because there are a million of those blogs out there already. It’s going to focus as technically as possible on the methodology of current study, and ways i’ve tried to keep motivated, worked around frustration, etc. Hope you like it!

Teaser for Japanese Study Video Blog   Leave a comment

I’ve been talking about it for months, and I’m almost finished with my first video blog, where I will be chatting about the methods i’ve been using to study Japanese, but also how to keep motivated, learn certain things faster and work on consistency. Let the video blogging begin!

Nobody Canna Cross it Tee!   Leave a comment

You’ve seen the internet go mad over it. Now get the t-shirt! Click the picture to get yours!

Recovery Japan!   Leave a comment

I think I’ll be attending this event, hopefully will get to linkup with some cool Japanese people in Jamaica!

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13 Assassins 十三人の刺客!   Leave a comment


Love this film, check it out when you get a chance!

My quick review : From evil villains, to brilliant cinematography, Takashi Miike (三池 崇史) takes us back into the Edo era with his brilliant take on the “good guys crew vs massive team of baddies” theme we’ve grown to love since films like The Seven Samurai. I have to say, my appreciation for Japanese films has changed since I lived in the country itself. Not only could I understand a lot of what the actors were saying, but I had a feel for the environments, nature and so on as I took the film in. That said, I liked it on all fronts. Pacing, acting and cinematography were all on point. If you’ve seen any of Miike’s films, you will know they they aren’t skimpy on the blood and gore, and often use long takes and trick shots to really immerse the viewer. That said, i’ll leave you to grab the film, check it out and enjoy!!!

My TVJ interview   4 comments

I was extremely pleased to be able to chat about my life and times in Japan, on Smile Jamaica, one of the island’s biggest morning shows! Click on the picture to watch the video!