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Interesting Japanese bathroom   3 comments

Traveling around Japan, you will find that the interiors of bathrooms are often heavily decorated with artwork, graffiti or stickers. These are a few pictures from a bar in Shimokitazawa.


Happy birthday MJ!!   Leave a comment

King of pop turns 51 post humous. Keep moonwalking MJ, wherever you are!

Crazy Mad a Road fan! マダローヅ!   Leave a comment

My customer at the Kanagawa festival was really full of Mad a Road vibes!


面白い音楽だ.ヴィブズカーテルより.   Leave a comment

This song is super funny! I worked for Comedy Central in 2008 from a writing internship that had me writing and reviewing skits and parodies all day. I love seeing this developmental style of comedy getting bigger and better in Jamaica.

Konshens & Delus in Japan!   Leave a comment

I had the great opportunity to meet Konshens, Delus and up and coming artiste Dario here in Tokyo at Ageha. I met up with them again in Kanagawa (about an hour outside Tokyo) , at the first annual Reggae Pride Festival put on by Shiloh Productions. Glasses and watch by Nooka. Shirts designs by Marcus Bird.

Jamaican in Japan featured on Untemplater!   Leave a comment

I wrote an article entitled,” The Siren’s Song: Your Call to Action” for I designed the image that accompanied the article, which is a sort of … simple picture depicting a man stranded on an island as the “song” (his dreams, hopes, etc) float away from him. Please read the article and comment!

Nihon Terebi TV Shoot 日本テレビイベント!   3 comments

Junko was the 2002 Dancehall queen winner in Jamaica. This might not sound like much, but Junko is Japanese, and she flew all the way to Jamaica back then and against all the odds (or so people thought) was crowned the first Japanese dancehall queen of Jamaica. Nihon Terebi (Japan TV) was recording a small feature on her and needed some talent to act as Jamaicans in a re-enactment of her first time in Jamaica. Yours truly was the MC and the spot will be aired on October 8th. I had the opportunity to go to her birthday party last year when I was living in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.  Glasses, Watch and Belt by Nooka. Jeans by Gimme Richie, Mad A Road t-shirt by Marcus Bird.

Me & 2002 Dancehall Queen Junko!

Tokyo Summer Sonic 2010! 東京サマーソニック2010です!   2 comments

Summer Sonic is everything you’ve heard about and more. Tons of great bands and a performance space so big you won’t even realize someone famous is performing a few feet away from you as you walk from stall to stall, snap pictures, nibble snacks and drink beer. I was invited to work with Japanese pole dancer performance group Polish for the duration of the Summer Sonic festival, and when I had free time I was able to see such performers as Keri Hilson, Jay-Z, Uffie, Stevie Wonder, K’naan and many more. I even got to see Jay-z back stage and get a head nod as he walked past… that is, not before getting strange looks from his fridge-sized security. But hey, it was Summer Sonic!

Ashita aimasho!


池袋のみほだい!Ikebukuro Nomihodai!   Leave a comment

I went to a Nomihodai with some friends. What’s a Nomihodai? Well, it means all you can drink… and in Tokyo, one of the most expensive cities on the planet if you can pay 1000 yen (10 US ) to drink as much as you want for 2 1/2 hours… well, things usually get a bit crazy. This night was no different.

Fiat Cafe 1 Year Anniversary   Leave a comment

Fiat Cafe is a small, upscale bar in Aoyama-Itchome. I was invited here by my friend and Tokyo MC Ayanne to chill out. I snapped some pics and shot video JIJ episode coming eventually. It was okay, despite a bizarre performance by two people in bodysuits covered in glittery rhinestones singing show tunes. A cute girl brass band, complimentary Moet and a few celebrity appearances made the evening pretty sweet.Oh, and girls dancing on stage in virtually nothing near the end of the night : D