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Ryugashido Caves!   Leave a comment

In 2009, I took a plunge into the depths of the earths outside a place I formerly called home, Hamamatsu. Ryugashido mountain is the place where these 250 million year old caves lie, and I was happy to go under the earth, dodge bats and see kewl looking stalactites.

Mizuma Art Gallery Review   Leave a comment

Throwback Jamaican in Japan post. I visited the Mizuma action art gallery in Nakameguro a while back and shot this review of Robert Waters “Man” exhibition. Hope you like!

Next Sniff Sniff   2 comments

Many of you checked out my Sniff Sniff video a week or two ago, which surprisingly went “mini-viral” across Tokyo and led me to meet some really cool people. The event promoter held another party, called “Next Sniff Sniff” and here are a few pictures. A short video is coming soon, shot in a similar theme of black & white. Just like before, this party was held at Trump Room, in the exciting hot spot of Shibuya.

Hello Kl!tty killed it. They played an awesome set.

Tokyo food blogger Fashimi looking delectable as always.

Mr. G, we go waaay back!

All must kiss the moose head. Or is that a deer?

Didn’t realize I got this awesome shot of photographer Alex Wuillaume doing his thing at the event.

Bonobo Pit Stop   Leave a comment

A lot of people have been saying this is a really cool spot. I passed through on a rainy Wednesday night and snapped a few pics. Will return on a weekend and see what the real deal really is. I liked the decor and the energy of the place.

Jamrock Tokyo   Leave a comment

Passed through Jamrock for some Jamaican food this Sunday. Nice spot in Harajuku. Real Jamaican food in Tokyo!

Jerk Chicken Fried Rice. Asia meets Jamaican indeed.

Hakone Park   Leave a comment

Hakone is about two hours by bus from Tokyo. Beautiful scenery, green mountains and fresh air. It felt like being back home. Hakone park is quite famous, with many sculptures and statues from artists around the world and an entire building filled with works by Picasso. These are some pics all shot with my Iphone 3g.

Ticket in hand ready to check the vibes.


Mount Fuji video episode!!   Leave a comment

I scratch off a major life goal by climbing one of the world’s most famous mountains, Fuji.
Note: This video wasn’t so easy to make. I almost passed out on the way up, struggled with dehydration and a bum knee, but fought through it and got enough shots to make an episode. Enjoy what I was able to put together!!

Marcus Bird on Mount Fuji! Jamaica to di world!   4 comments

Life goals are interesting things. when I was sitting in a classroom in 1996, thinking of far away places like Europe, Asia, etc, I never thought I’d actually be there. Mount Fuji was one of those far away places in my mind.  I was able to climb the beast in early September, and it was a pretty cool experience. Video coming soon.

I will post pictures in order of going up the mountain.

Hanging around the Shinjuku station as I wait to hop on the bus to head to Fuji.

It took about three hours to get to the Fifth stage ( the climbing point that most climbers take). This was an excellent group photo of all the climbers in the group. Can you spot me?

I thought getting a headlamp was really cool. I didn’t have to use it until the 7th stage though. I took this picture outside the Fifth Stage Mountain goods shop.

The mountain terrain was interesting. Not extremely uncomfortable, but with so many people, you have to watch your step.

Pit stop at the 6th (maybe 7th stage) to get some rest.

Marcus Bird. Mountain man.

One of the stages. Quite eerie so high up : p

Starting to get pretty chilly on ze mountain.

Everyone waiting on the sunrise.

Thousands of people on the mountain, far from everything. Beautiful.

There she blows.

Dog tired, but a life goal scratched off. As a friend told me recently, “A lot of life is about ticking boxes.” Well, here’s to ticking a big box called Fuji.

Interesting Japanese bathroom   3 comments

Traveling around Japan, you will find that the interiors of bathrooms are often heavily decorated with artwork, graffiti or stickers. These are a few pictures from a bar in Shimokitazawa.


Fujisawa Beach Party! 藤沢のパーチィ!   Leave a comment

I had the chance to checkout the beach last month with a few friends. Mt. Fuji was visible in the distance. I used the beach to do a small promotion for a series of t-shirts I designed, for my upcoming Design Blog. Reggae music and good vibes. JIJ episode almost ready!

一ヶ月前に、友達といっしょに藤沢へ行きました。とても楽しかた。その日、いっぱい人いった。ビーチで、私はテーシャツのエベントしました。すぐ、Jamaican in Japanビデオつくります!