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In the fall of 2009, I went on tour with legendary reggae artist Maxi Priest , along with Beniton the Menace and Marvin Priest. I used tour  footage and pictures to jump start my web series, entitled, “Marcus Bird: Jamaican in Japan”. I’ve posted them here for you to view. If you’d like to view them in a larger size or connect with me, please visit my Youtube Channel. This is the second episode, where I start the Billboard Live tour in Tokyo. All Eipsodes are viewable in HD.

去年、はち月前に、私と有名のアーチスト(マクシプーリスト)、ビルボードリーヴのエヴェントをしました。つくている時に、たくさんのビヂオを取りました。そろから、インターネトシリエッズはじまりました。”Marcus Bird: Jamaican in Japan” のなまえです。したで、ぜんぶんのびでお。もっとおおきのビデーオを見たい、私のYOUTUBEチャネみてください。ぜんぶんはHD(720p)です。よるしくお願いします。

EPISODE 3: On Tour In Tokyo [Maxi Priest performances and hanging out in the Red Light district]

EPISODE 4: On Tour in Osaka [Performances, Restaurants and Hot Mondays with Kinjam sound!]

EPISODE ONE(PILOT) : Japanese Mountain Party. [This is the first episode of the series. I head to a psychedelic rave party high in the mountains with two interesting and funny ladies. Drunk soccer, dancing and tent-making ensue].

EPISODE 5: Halloween in Roppongi, Tokyo 2009 [Watch the madness of Tokyo Halloween, JIJ style!]

Episode 6: A night out in Hamamatsu. [Bashment girls on stage, Japanese female DJs and all the stuff in between.]

Episode 7: Sexy Japanese girls and Porsches [My friend Rob comes to visit me in Japan. Funny conversations with Japanese girls, and a week in Tokyo. Plus a Jason Schwartzman cameo.]

Episode 8: Tokyo Night LIfe [LIfestyle Episode with my friend as we hangout and Shop in Tokyo]

Episode 9: Marcus VS Fumi [I play a friendly game with a talented friend in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka]

Episode 10: World Cup Madness in Tokyo [get a rare glimpse into how crazy Shibuya became during worldcup]

Episode 11: Akiko Moriyako Photo Shoot [I was invited to create a semi-documentary style video for a Japanese reggae/jazz inspired pianist]

Episode 12: Gundam Cafe Review [I head to Akihabara and check out the world famous Gundam Cafe, based on a popular Japanese animation & Manga]

Episode 13: Mount Fuji Climb  [I climb one of the world’s most famous mountains, Mount Fuji and record the process!]

Episode 14: Futsal in Tokyo!

Episode 15: Sniff Sniff & Lost in Transportation

Posted June 13, 2010 by marcusbird

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