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Sniff Sniff party and Lost in Transportation   5 comments

Check it out..

Futsal time!   3 comments

This is a quick video of my first time playing “Futsal” a sort of watered down version of football, in Tokyo. This has to be the most interesting environment i’ve ever played soccer in, with high rise buildings around me, trains in the background and super super cold weather. Check it out!

Jamrock Tokyo   Leave a comment

Passed through Jamrock for some Jamaican food this Sunday. Nice spot in Harajuku. Real Jamaican food in Tokyo!

Jerk Chicken Fried Rice. Asia meets Jamaican indeed.

Biggups to my father!!   Leave a comment

I grew up in a household where I heard my father singing almost everyday. I was very happy to find a video of my father doing recent performances of two of his songs, “Faith can move Mountains” and “A brand new Haiti”. This is very moving for me, and lets me know you must always keep chasing your dream. His stage name is Jaguu Peke Yanguu, meaning “The One who walks alone”. Great Sunday night gift for me!

美しい東京 (Beautiful Tokyo)   Leave a comment

These are some great shots I got at a recent party I attended. Guess I really am in Tokyo!

This is my favourite. Feels like “Lost in Translation” or something i’d see on a CNN website.

JIJA: PACE TV Interview VIDEO Preview   2 comments

This is a short clip of the interview coming soon. Thanks to Najma Nuriddin of Nsorama films for excellent camera work on this one!



JIJA: Jamaican in Japan TV interview in Jamaica!   Leave a comment

I was so happy to do a TV interview with Pace TV, a well established TV channel in Jamaica. Hosted by Jerome King, I was able to chat for a full thirty minutes about my life, inspirations and goals as I look forward to 2011 and what’s to come. Clips of the interview coming soon!

JIJA: Yush 2010   Leave a comment

Yush 2010 was mad! Held at the National Stadium, the music was fast and furious. Looking forward to 2011!






JIJA: A-list 2010   Leave a comment

I checked out A-list 2010. Sweet event! Good food, nice music and cool people. Did I mention celebs? : ) Recap video below!