First Time: Japanese Karaoke!   Leave a comment

Like most people here, I came to teach English.

I’m doing a week of training to prepare for my first year of living at a teacher here in Japan, and myself and a few of the other ALTS (Assistant Language Teachers) are taking a night out on the town. I’m still not sure where everything is yet, but my bearings are improving. I’m with a group of seven or so ALTs all itching to drink and have a little fun. We make a pit stop at a restaurant and eat a delicious curry meal. Andy is the only one who speaks a little Japanese, to the delight of the head chef, who was no doubt frightened by the massive influx of young foreigners into his establishment.

Afterwards we found a Karaoke spot under the train tracks. It was cheap, only 100 yen per hour. We stopped by a convenience store, bought a few beers and headed back to the Karaoke. I love Karaoke, and it was pleasant to do this only days after coming to Japan.

We blazed through the usual selection of pop songs and reggae tunes, singing until the early morning. The next day was more training, more long hours facing teachers and learning how to teach lessons to high school students and elementary kids, but in this moment, Karaoke was king.

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